The Perfect Pair of Jeans

The Perfect Pair of Jeans



I will always love a black and blue combo! This look is so effortlessly chic, the light denim wash really makes the black top and black shoes pop. You can also wear a darker wash denim with black, it will always look good!

I have been having such a hard time finding jeans lately because I am very picky when it comes to finding the perfect pair. For starters I NEED them to be high waisted. I really do swear by the 9" inch rise. They are so much more comfortable for me, plus it looks good with every length shirt. If i'm looking for a skinny pair they need to be skin tight, or else I feel like they just look too big on me, and not in a boyfriend jean trendy kind of way. Next comes the rips. I have a few pairs with just the knee rips and I'm kind of over it. Now I want them to have a few rips but not super wide open ones, just a few here and there. And then there's the length. Since I'm only 5'4", a lot of jeans are too long on me and they bunch up by my ankle. I don't love that look which is why I tend to go for the cropped ankles. 

Of course I can picture the perfect pair in my head but it's so hard finding them in the stores/online. And with jeans every pair is different so you have to try them all on. It has been a viscous cycle!

But...I finally found them, my dream pair from Zara :) The perfect high waist rise with a few rips and a cropped ankle. Don't they look amazing? Go to Zara and you'll see for yourself, they have the best jeans selection I have found so far. I picked out a few similar ones above and below, so shop the look so you can get your perfect pair of jeans too!!!

Next stop...England!!! See you there xxx